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Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: January 02, 2011

It appears our friends over at Diane Neal @ hostbus.com have changed their format and layout to something that looks very similar to the layout here at UNIQUE, right down to the cityscape in the background of the header and the use of snow in the Java section of their body. Seriously, do they think that they can copy without being called out on their ish. This is terminally unhip guys. And for two people who banned this webmaster from their site for no reason at all, shows a serious lack of ethics. What, you couldn’t find another banner and colours? Jeesh, should I put a ban on them seeing my site? I’ll have to do some heavy thinking this new year.

Example of new site design Shauna and Kris put up, continued below the cut:

[ click on the image to enlarge ]

Sorry to be calling you out guys, but I had to. For people who don’t want others stealing from your site this is a little rich. And you didn’t think I’d be able to find out since you put that ban in place. And you know, we could have been friends…and were at one point. Such a shame you have to copy someone else’s hard work just to be the Mary Jane. I’m wondering if they would have really gone to WordPress if I hadn’t here? Scratches chin. I know this might seem petty to do this, but Christine @ PINKCHAOS.ORG but a lot of work into my design that was, well, unique to this site alone. Something a little more original would have been a little less conspicuous don’t you think? And the snow……

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  1. Annika, 3 January, 2011:

    Hi Dianne. What a douch-y thing to do. I come here to lurk to see what’s new and I love your site. It’s so beautiful. I went to their site and find it not as nice as this one. I’m sorry they did this. Is there anything the girl who made your site can do because I think it’s copying? I’m wondering if Diane knows what they’ve done? I hope so.

  2. diane neal online, 7 January, 2011:


    Sorry my response to this is so late in coming. Thanks for you compliments. I’ve tried to make this site as … well, UNIQUE and it pisses me off to no end that Shauna and Kris have copied what I’ve done here solely because they feel they won’t be upstaged by someone else in Diane’s eyes. I’ve not tried to curry favour with Diane in any way, nor tried to make Shauna and Kris any less in that way but the one thing I’d hoped we could all have is that shared love of Diane and her past, present and future projects. That they banned me from viewing their site and I haven’t with this one shows the level of childishness they’ve acted with in their obsession to possess all aspects of Diane for themselves. They think that you stealing from them is a sin, but when they do it, it’s perfectly acceptable. They feel they own Diane.

    As for Christine at PinkChaos.org, I’ve contacted her and she’s not too thrilled with what they’ve done. Certainly the header with the cityscape in the back of the design isn’t anything new, per se, but it does look a lot like my header and my set up in terms of the things and wording they’ve used on their site. Thing too that gets me is that I posted a link to my DNA ~ Diane Neal & Adam Beach video site to Diane’s White Collar episode for those who didn’t get the chance to see it on their chatbox. The removed it telling me they didn’t allow copyrighted material on their site. Yet, most of their site contains copyrighted material in terms of the screencaps and event images. When I pointed that out to them that’s when they took the tizzy and banned me. When I contacted Shauna about it, she lied saying that they had to ban someone else from my IP range and mine got in there. When I tried to contact her again about it, silence. Now this.

    As for Diane knowing, I’m really wondering if she knows who Shauna and Kris are. We had a bit of a discourse some time ago over their rabid hatred for Diane’s SVU co-star Christopher Meloni and something that supposedly happened at the Season 6 OZ DVD signing. It had to do with something Chris supposedly said or did. I told them that he was one of her friends and they didn’t seem to care. They went on dissing him anyway. Seems it’s pot meeting kettle with them.

    Sorry to go on, but this really does piss me off. I’ve done nothing to them and they go and do this to me.


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