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Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: January 13, 2011

Finally, I have the media done for Diane’s NAVY: NCIS return. I know it took a bit of time and that another website already has offered up their screencaps and a link to the full episode, but what I have here are HQ screencaps of Diane for anyone wishing to do banners, wallpapers, icons, livejournal icons, what have you. I also have the clip with only Diane’s scenes. This is after all, a Diane Neal website. Why make you have to sit through the other parts of the episode when you’ve come here for the girl herself.

One thing I want to say before I get to the media. That is, apparently the ratings for this episode went through the roof. Ships in the Night, while good for Diane’s profile, I’m not entirely happy with the notion of her being part of what is largely, a kitch program. It has all the geeks and freaks that seem right out of central casting in it that for some reason is wanted in today’s television market. While fine for the short-term fix, not very good in terms of longevity. I think Diane’s performance is very good, in fact, I think in all honesty outside of Wes Brown who played Marine Lieutenant Patrick Nolan, the rest of the cast is largely forgettable due to the unbelievability of the characters themselves. Personally, and this is only my opinion, I’d really love to see Dick Wolf come to his senses and beg Diane to return to LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT as Casey. Why? The quality of the genre is far more believable than that of NCIS. Given Diane’s comedia timing, she’s an ace at drama. She proved that over the five years she was on as Casey how she could easily handle the work. If not a return to SVU then something on cable. Something that will allow Diane’s talent to shine and not have to give into sterotypical ‘nerdiness’ of what NCIS represents.

I won’t make you wait any longer……


[ click to go to full screen ]

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  1. Deborah, 14 January, 2011:

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done in bringing Diane’s work to us! I don’t really much like NCIS either, I am more a cable person myself–but it was good to see her. Though I also have to add and agree that I would much prefer Diane in a more serious dramatic role again…but i suppose in this economy she’s no doubt happy to get a job! lol. Seriously, I feel if they truly want to invest in her character on NCIS, they should have Abigail seen “in action” with the Coast Guard and doing her duties in a real capacity–that would be far more exciting than just being the ‘pretty mannequin’ counterpart to Mark H’s character….JMO. More substance folks! 😉

  2. diane neal online, 14 January, 2011:


    Thanks for the compliments. They help. Like you I’m not a big fan of these types of chain shows where each city gets their own freak and geek. That’s why I loved SVU until Diane and Adam Beach were fired. The ‘geeks’ on that show were intelligent but not freaky. I’m thinking of O’Halloran played by Mike Doyle and Joel de la Fuente who plays TARU teck Morales and Caren Browning who plays Judith Siper, or even Tamara Tunie who plays ME Melinda Warner. There isn’t the ‘let’s be hauter here’ kind of mentality. Just acting. And good acting. A shame they killed off O’Halloran at the end of the tenth season. And I agree about finding it hard to really invest in these characters when there’s nothing behind them. Yeah, Gibbs is quirky, but if that’s all he has to his character there’s not much there. That’s why I loved Diane as Casey. We got to see that inner spirit that made Casey who she was. Abigail is cute and funny, but I would prefer to see her in a more fleshed out capacity, not just all quirk. Diane does quirk well and love her for it, but Agent Abby needs some blood in her veins like Casey. Sure Diane had five seasons to get Casey down, but interestingly, Casey was there straight off the mark. There was no honing needed. Diane brought out in one episode Casey’s inner self and it showed through her last scene in Serendipity with Branch where she went to ask to be removed from Sex Crimes and Branch told her that he’d had his eye on her for some time. Trial period done….next episode please.

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