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[TRIVIA] Diane Neal hosted a Star Wars-themed baby shower for one of her executive producers at Sapa Restaurant in New York.

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Vote for Diane @ The Shorty Awards
Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: January 26, 2013

There is a site where you can vote for Diane in the realm of social media. We all know how cool Diane’s tweets are, so let’s show her how much we appreciate her. Click the link on the image below and you can vote for Diane as best actress and tell them why. For those with Twitter accounts please do this. You have to say why you’re voting for her. So let’s throw our support behind our girl.

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    I so agree. I think for the most part the Indi film market is the wave of the future. With Hollywood having so little imagination with regards to their sequelitis and remakeitis it’s a sure bet the Indie market will rise in a big way. The internet is heralding that in terms of all the word-of-mouth that can be generated about smaller films. I like the idea of that. Though the quality might be either less or more than what might be expected, I think we will have a good balance to look for.

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