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Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: January 11, 2011

Don’t forget that Diane is on NAVY: NCIS tonight. Check your local listings for time and station. There’s an article that is accompanying Diane’s return as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin. Here’s a slug, the rest of this post is continued below the cut….

Back in March, we introduced you to Abigail Borin, a fictional Coast Guard Investigative Service special agent portrayed by actress Diane Neal on the hit drama NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). Well, Borin is back in tomorrow night’s episode, “Ships in the Night,” as CGIS joins the NCIS team in the investigation of a murder on a dinner boat cruise on the Potomac.


I’ll have HQ screencaps and the clip up later throughout the night. I have a new program that does take a little time to convert the clip, so please be patient.


Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: January 02, 2011

It appears our friends over at Diane Neal @ hostbus.com have changed their format and layout to something that looks very similar to the layout here at UNIQUE, right down to the cityscape in the background of the header and the use of snow in the Java section of their body. Seriously, do they think that they can copy without being called out on their ish. This is terminally unhip guys. And for two people who banned this webmaster from their site for no reason at all, shows a serious lack of ethics. What, you couldn’t find another banner and colours? Jeesh, should I put a ban on them seeing my site? I’ll have to do some heavy thinking this new year.

Example of new site design Shauna and Kris put up, continued below the cut:

[ click on the image to enlarge ]

Sorry to be calling you out guys, but I had to. For people who don’t want others stealing from your site this is a little rich. And you didn’t think I’d be able to find out since you put that ban in place. And you know, we could have been friends…and were at one point. Such a shame you have to copy someone else’s hard work just to be the Mary Jane. I’m wondering if they would have really gone to WordPress if I hadn’t here? Scratches chin. I know this might seem petty to do this, but Christine @ PINKCHAOS.ORG but a lot of work into my design that was, well, unique to this site alone. Something a little more original would have been a little less conspicuous don’t you think? And the snow……


Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: December 28, 2010

I’ve been made aware by my media site host that DNA MEDIA will be down for a bit, likely 48 hours due to some security issues. They’re in the process of moving to a new server and they’ve informed me that it will take that long to get everything done. Please keep checking back and I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours, Dianne

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Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: December 25, 2010

On behalf of DIANE NEAL ONLINE & DNA MEDIA, I want to wish all of Diane’s fans a very happy holiday season. And to Diane, Marcus, Winnie and Father Ted, I hope the day brings all of you the very best. To anyone who is considering drinking this day, consider alternative measures to driving. We want you back tomorrow.

Take care all.

Yours, Dianne/Webmaster of Diane Neal Online and DNA Media


Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: December 15, 2010

Okay, I’ve been contacted by some who have asked how they post comments to DIANE NEAL ONLINE. Well here’s the answer. To whichever post you’d like to comment, hit the number inside the circle beside the icon of Diane at the bottom of the posts. If there is a zero in the circle, you hit that. It’ll take you to another page where the post is on its own. You scroll down and enter your info in the text fields, then your comment, then hit the submit button. That’s it! Nothing too strenuous to learn and there won’t be a pop quiz.


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Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: December 11, 2010

As you’ve no doubt noticed, DIANE NEAL ONLINE has moved to a new domain. I thought that with Diane’s projects all lined up into 2011, I’d move the entire site to a more visible place as well as update the Content Management System. I’ve gone from Cutenews to WordPress, a much more reliable and stable way of controlling the look and feel of the site. I’ve also updated the Gallery with a newer version of Coppermine. It’s a great leap forward for their design and I think it’s neat. Yeah, I used the word neat.

One honourable mention has to go to Christine @ Pinkchaos.org. She has totally taken my breath away with her intuitive design of the new DIANENEAL.ORG. I told her what I wanted, and she more than gave it to me. Her design is just lovely and there are no words I can use to describe how utterly thrilled and for once speechless I am at what she’s brought here. I asked her to redesign my Tamara Obscura @ tamara-braun.com/tamarabraun.org site for me, but for Diane, she’s upped her A-Game. Thank you Christine for once again stepping up to the plate and batting a grand slam (baseball reference dedicated to Diane’s beloved Yankees). I am grateful beyond words.

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Posted By: diane neal online | Posted On: June 01, 2009

Hello and welcome to UNIQUE — DIANE NEAL ONLINE @ DIANENEAL.ORG, an online resrouce to the actress Diane Neal. I know there’s not a lot up at the moment, but there are over 5000 images in the Gallery at the moment and more to come. I’ll be adding more as time permits, but for now, please enjoy the images of Diane from LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and other things. I’m hoping you’ll come back as the site builds. Until that time, I want to thank you for visiting. Take care.

Yours, Dianne (Webmaster)

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